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With Email Summit 2013 in Las Vegas quickly approaching, we wanted to share Flint McGlaughlin’s full keynote from Email Summit 2012 …



“Crafting Effective Email Messages: How a recent experiment helped MECLABS researchers achieve a 104% increase in email response” was the keynote delivered by Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, at Email Summit 2012.

Here are a few teaser quotes from Flint’s keynote to whet your appetite and entice you to watch the full keynote …

“Any marketing that does not influence a decision is waste.”

“The customer is king.”

“There are no expert marketers; there are only experienced marketers and expert testers.”

“Think like your customers.”

“It takes an unbroken chain of micro-yeses to get to one macro-yes, but it only takes one ‘no’ to stop all progress. Part of our problem with macro distortion is that we are looking at two or three big yeses, and we don’t see all the little yeses necessary to winning the macro-yes, so we cannot optimize our message for the maximum yield.”

“See with new eyes, through your customers’ eyes.”

“They will have to say yes many times in the email before they’re ready to click that button. And the same thing applies when they move from the email and into the landing page.”

“People don’t fall into your funnel, they are falling out.”

Plus, you’ll also learn how the following terms can help you optimize your email marketing: “micro-yeses,” “micro-conversions,” “macro-distortion,” “macro-yes” and simply “yes.”


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