Email Messaging: Discussing micro-decisions and flipping the funnel


After wrapping our most recent Web clinic, Email Messaging: How overcoming 3 common errors increased clickthrough 104%, our in-house documentarian, Luke Thorpe, and I grabbed lead speaker Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, to discuss a few key takeaways from the Web clinic …

I asked Flint about:

  • Some of the most common mistakes email marketers are making
  • Flipping the sales and marketing funnel
  • How marketers can optimize the messaging in their emails and improve conversion
  • How the audience reacted to the Web clinic

Flint answered by discussing:

  • The micro conversions in an email
  • How the current funnel-based sales and marketing model is broken
  • The micro-decision funnel
  • The value exchange fulcrum
  • Overcoming assumed value

You can view the full 60-minute Web clinic, including live optimization examples, for free – Email Messaging: How overcoming 3 common errors increased clickthrough 104%


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