Email optimization — 57% gains break through the doom and gloom


Judging by some recent articles, the topic of email marketing might soon become as polarizing as politics.

Some say email is dead or dying, either at the hands of social media and millenials, or due to its own long history of abuse and misuse. Most of us have lost patience with email thanks to spam, viruses, and irrelevant offers, so those arguments certainly carry some weight.

Meanwhile, for some, email is “still the most effective channel out there,” and a 40% growth rate for (at least) one ESP last year suggests it’s still a bit early to start playing the funeral march.

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Whichever side of the fence you’re on, the bottom line is, email marketing certainly isn’t about to vanish overnight.

Most marketers just want to know how to grow their opt-in list and squeeze out every last cent in conversions.

In a nutshell, that was the focus of our most recent web clinic, Email Optimization: How to improve ROI from capture to conversion.

You can now access the Jan. 21 clinic in three formats for your convenience:

Given that our web clinics are an hour long, our team didn’t pretend to provide a cure-all for the major issues facing email marketing.

But the case studies we presented showed how a handful of minor changes to email capture pages increased sign ups by 49% and optimizing email body copy achieved gains of 54% and 57%.

If you were to test some of those ideas, and get similar results, chances are you’d be in the camp that’s feeling pretty positive about email, no?

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  1. the communicatrix says

    Oooo…came here via a tweet by @copyblogger and very excited (in that, you know, nerdly way) to see your preso.

    I’m a big fan of multiple channels, and have had modest success with email. Not giving up the blog/etc., but if done right, I think email can actually be (gasp!) a treat.

  2. Audio Bible says

    Interesting post, thanks.

  3. Hunter Boyle says

    Thanks for the comments, folks.

    @communicatrix: Hope you enjoy(ed) the preso as much as I enjoyed the stories and writing on your site, plus your social media slides. You might also be interested in our web clinics on headlines and subject lines:

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