Email Messaging Test: 104% increase in conversion from rented list


The Research Partner for this test was the largest physician-only social network, which offers its knowledgebase to pharmaceutical companies.

Goal: Increase email clickthrough from a rented list to the landing page

Primary Research Question: Which email will generate the highest clickthrough rate?

Approach: Multifactor sequential (year-to-year) test



(Creative samples have been anonymized.)






By changing the messaging of the email to reflect the Research Partner’s value proposition, the team was able to generate a 104% lift in clickthrough rate.

Let’s take a quick look at some problems the team identified with the control …

  • The value is buried in the second paragraph (“25% of all online physicians have visited {Research Partner Name} in the past three months”) and at the top of the email, above the eye-path (“{Research Partner Name” is the largest online physician community with more than 115,000 members}”).
  • The offer in the email is for a 30-minute demo.
  • The call-to-action requires a relatively high commitment (“Get Started”).

In the treatment, the team attempted to optimize these areas …

  • Value is clearly communicated in the headline (“{Research Partner Name} Gives You Immediate Access to Over 120,000 Doctors”) and in first paragraph (“{Research Partner Name} is the largest social network of verified US physicians…”).
  • Less commitment required in the offer and call-to-action (“See How {Research Partner Name} Works”).


Jon Powell and I will go deeper into this case study in Thursday’s MarketingSherpa webinar – “Email Marketing: How Overcoming 3 Common Errors Increased Clickthrough Rate by 104%” – while we teach three common errors our research has identified as damaging to conversion.


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