B2B Lead Gen: A/B split test helps increase quote requests 262%


Today on the MarketingExperiments blog, let’s look at a recent experiment with a B2B company that offers business VOIP telephone services.

Goal: To increase the number of quote requests

Primary Research Question: Which quote process will generate more total leads?

Approach: A/B multifactor split test



(Editor’s Note: Creative samples have been anonymized.)

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The new page’s lead rate increased by 262.3%.



By minimizing friction and overcorrecting for anxiety, the treatment was able to outperform the control by 262.3%. Let’s look at the specific changes that were made.

Take another look at the control above. The original page forced prospects into an unnecessary quote request process with many form fields (some of which asked for personal contact information).

So the team reduced the friction in the process by reducing the time and effort involved in the quote process:

  • The treatment required less form fields to complete a quote.

  • The treatment offered an instant quote upon completion of the form.


More significantly, the original process required visitors to be contacted by a representative. This created anxiety in the mind of the customer. Our MECLABS analysts hypothesized that there was a significant potential to reduce the anxiety the control process generated by:

  • Changing the form from a traditional sales call form to an interactive quote tool (as seen above)
  • Emphasizing anxiety-reducing copy

  • Adding several third-party credibility indicators

  • Adding a comparison chart that addressed specific issues of concern

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For more information on this case study, along with three ways you can overcorrect for anxiety on your own landing pages, watch the full, free 60-minute Web clinic replay: 263% Higher Conversion Rate – How reducing anxiety helped one company improve conversion rate three-fold.”


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