Are Letter-Style Emails Still Effective?

New research reveals how customers read emails today

When you picture your next email send, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the war for attention being waged in everyone’s inbox:

  • Will customers buy from us?
  • What’s going on with the clickthrough rates? Open rates?
  • Are we even being noticed?

In this Web clinic, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, revealed the results of a recent email experiment with an international media company that increased conversion 181%.

Flint also shared three key learnings about effective email messaging from those discoveries every marketer can use to craft email messages that engage.

Here is some feedback from the Web clinic’s live audience:

Excellent tips and visuals. The walkthrough of other people’s emails was really informative.

I always like the detailed how-to’s on specific examples of tests the labs executed. –Oben

More examples that focus on non-profit emails would be helpful. –Martha


Flint McGlaughlin

Jon Powell
Austin McCraw

Video Production and Editing
Dennis Beard
Tara Marotta
Luke Thorpe

Technical Production
Steve Beger
Melissa Elbert
Erin Hogg
Jessica Lorenz
Regina Love
Christine Risberg
John Tackett

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