Testing to Find Your Aha Moment for Value Proposition


The issue Jon Ciampi, Vice President of Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Development, CRC Health, faced is a common one – his team was reaching out to their audience from a marketer’s mindset.

It can be so easy to assume you know what your customer wants, and what they are looking for. The key to discovering your value proposition is to ask the right questions, not just the ones that affirm what you already know. The relationship between marketers and consumers needs to constantly evolve.

Once they re-evaluated the message by testing for customer logic, Jon and his team were able to test and affirm the element that resonated most with customers.

In this short clip from Optimization Summit 2013, see how the CRC Health marketing team came to their “aha moment” for their value proposition that drove a 220% increase in total conversion.


“Just giving me more money wasn’t working out, it wasn’t giving me the results we wanted,” Jon said.

That is when the team decided to test for a different approach that unearthed a whole new, smarter approach. When bringing the pre-eminent high-end addiction and mental health rehabilitation facility to market, Jon assumed that people were concerned with facts like the doctor-to-patient ratio, or facility amenities.

“We show them some horses, we show them a pool and nothing about what we do,” Jon said about the original control page.

Jon ended up throwing out the “best practices” they had so religiously stuck by and actually tested them.

For example: Call-to-action above the fold? Why?

In the end, Jon realized that no matter how many tricks of the trade the team put into the page, none of it mattered if they didn’t understand their customers. The “aha moment” was simple – trust was more important to customers than luxury.

Watch the full free session from Optimization Summit 2013 to see how Jon and his team applied that understanding across the board.


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