Rapidly Maximizing Conversion

How one company quickly achieved a 58.1% lift with a radical redesign

There are many guides to A/B split testing on the Internet. And most are adamant about making sure you test one thing at a time. If you don’t, they warn you’ll never learn anything about what works and doesn’t work on your pages.

One problem with this view is testing takes time and resources, and testing one thing at a time is an inefficient way to get lifts. Too many companies start testing in this manner, and quickly realize there is minimal payoff.

However, there is a shortcut to getting large lifts in a relatively short amount of time. This shortcut is what we call a radical redesign.

In this free Web clinic replay, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin taught the methodology behind the radical redesign to help you achieve a greater ROI in less time.

PLUS: Live Optimization of Audience-Submitted Pages

In addition to teaching about radical redesigns, Dr. McGlaughlin and two of our researchers optimized audience-submitted pages with radical redesign suggestions.

Here are what some of the audience members had to say about this Web clinic:

Very informative and touched on concepts and ways to change a page that I haven’t seen elsewhere. –Jeff

Loved the specific recommendations during live optimization, inclusion of audience in suggestions, and presenter was fantastic. –Donna

Seemed like we covered more ground than usual — and the ground was solid, interesting and new. –Lyn

Download a full transcript of this Web clinic:

Rapidly Maximizing Conversion


Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
Spencer Whiting
Nicholas Borszich

Paul Cheney

Technical Production
Luke Thorpe
Eric Nopanen
Steven Beger
Jessica McGraw
Austin McCraw
Greg Gobs
Yi Xu

Additional Contributors
Bob Kemper
Beth Caudell
Daniel Burstein
Austin McCraw

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