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How to write subject lines that double your clickthrough rate

A few weeks ago, two marketers like you DOUBLED the clickthrough rate of one of our internal marketing emails.

And, the only variable tested was the subject line.

We’ve seen over and over again in our research that subject lines can have a disproportionately large impact on email opens and (more importantly) clickthrough.

As David Ogilvy said of headlines, if you can get the subject line right, you’ve done around 80% of the work required to get the click.

But, that probably leaves you with a question …

How can I write subject lines that increase clickthrough?

In this Web clinic replay, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin analyzes the winning subject lines from the test. He explores what made them work so well, and how you can apply those principles to your own subject lines.

If you would like to learn how to write more effective subject lines, simply watch the above Web clinic replay.

Here are what some of the audience members had to say about the Web clinic:

Having the checklist will be a huge help when I’m working on future campaigns –Samantha

Spend more time focusing on what makes good subject lines good, as opposed to what makes poor subject lines poor –Matt

Some webinars can put you to sleep with monotone speakers but this was excellent, the speakers came across as very enthusiastic –Gregor

I liked the concept of “perceived value must be greater than perceived effort” –Matt

Need a place where we could discuss the topic further – a community forum –Maria


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