Landing Page Optimization: Testing green marketing increases conversion 46%


Green marketing is a tactic built on the premise that environmental preference will hopefully equal customer preference.

But does green marketing truly have an impact on customer purchase behavior?

In today’s MarketingExperiments Blog post, we’ll take a look at an experiment that was featured in a recent Web clinic that put green marketing to the test.

Before we dive in, let’s review the research notes on the test.

Background: A mid-sized furniture company selling mattresses.

Goal: To increase the overall number of mattress purchases.

Research Question: Which credibility approach will produce the highest rate of mattress purchases?

Test Design: A/B variable cluster split test




During the Web clinic, the MECLABS research team explained the featured product was one of only a few mattresses that are currently GreenGuard Gold certified.

Consequently, they hypothesized the certification had little emphasis on the page design and was not communicating the full value of the certification.




In the treatment, additional copy was added to increase the emphasis on the full value of the GreenGuard certification.





The additional GreenGuard copy increased conversion nearly 46%.


What you need to understand

The key question to ask here is why was green marketing so effective in this test?

One explanation offered by Austin McCraw, Senior Director of Content Production, MECLABS, is that the additional emphasized value was tangible.

“The value created by the copy was directly connected to the customer experience,” Austin explained.

To learn more from Austin and the team about this experiment, including key observations every marketer should consider when utilizing green marketing, you can watch the free on-demand replay of “Does Green Marketing Work?


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  1. andrew says

    How many conversions did the control and treatment get ?

    1. Erin Hogg says

      Hi Andrew,

      We cannot reveal raw data to the public as to protect our Research Partners’ competitive advantage. I hope this helps your efforts, thanks for commenting!

      Erin Hogg
      Copy Editor

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