Using Strategic Testing to Drive Customer Engagement: An interview from MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 [Video]

On February 22, we brought you a live blog post from MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, the signature event of our sister site. In the post, we looked at a presentation from Summit’s Digital & Data track by Mike Loveridge, Head of Digital Test and Learn, Humana. In his presentation, Mike discussed how he and the Humana team harnessed strategic, incremental testing to drive healthcare enrollment.

While at Summit, Mike took the time to sit down with Courtney Eckerle, Managing Editor, MarketingSherpa, to discuss this iterative approach that the Humana team leveraged, including one test that led to a 433% increase in clickthrough.

Though Mike and his team experimented with many different levers, he found a lot of success with testing site banners.

“So we’re talking about title, supporting text, CTA, CTA color, image,” Mike said. “When you place a banner in context of the greater ecosystem — i.e., being on the homepage — and there are 150 competing links, looking at it in context of what it’s competing with on the page. So what do you have to dial up in the banner to tone down what’s going on in this busy ecosystem? Kind of like us being here interviewing and there are all these people walking by. How do we minimize the distractions?”

To find out more about how Mike and his team minimized distractions on the homepage and dramatically improved clickthrough from their home page banner, join us live this Wednesday for our March Web clinic, “Site Banners Tested: How minor changes led to a 433% increase in clickthrough for Humana.”


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